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TriGirl TriGirl - Triathlon Clothing for Women
I find it hard getting a good tri/running top that is actually supportive as I’m of the slightly ‘curvier’ persuasion! This top with built in ‘power lycra’ support did do a measurable of the hard work but I still had to wear a sports bra when running or doing anything high impact, but from my experience tops with built in support that really do do all the work tend to be bulkier and make you hot and sweaty around the bust, at least this one has a Coolmax lining to its support. I liked that it has nice wide shoulder straps that don’t cut into you the same way spaghetti straps do, and offer that extra little bit of comfort.
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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles
First Impressions: I normally swim in a pair of black lensed Speedos, have done for years and have never had a problem with them…..until I tried these out! For starters the lens/ nose bridge is all one soft plastic unit which makes them very comfortable, and didn’t leave pinch marks either side of my nose. It also makes them very flexible and pretty durable when being launched and battered around in the kit bag. Another great feature was the size of the lens, which make any standard pair without this 180 degree vision field seem like your looking through two toilet roll tubes!
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TriGirl TriGirl - Triathlon Clothing for Women
When I was first approached to do this review I was a little skeptical as I didn’t know a lot about the company with them being quite new and from my experience female kit has always been pretty much the same cut as men’s but smaller, with flowers on or Barbie pink! So I was pleasantly surprised when the ‘Laura’ crop top and matching ‘Betty’ tri shorts arrived and were a feminine but a tasteful cerise and plum colour. Their quality and detail was noticeably good and they gave a very pleasing first impression.
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Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles
By Jules Richards
Coming from a swimming background I’ve found a good set of goggles that you can rely on are difficult to come by. I’ve used Aqua Sphere products in the past with mixed results. Now in my second season of triathlon, I’ve competed in pretty much most swim scenarios, from pool based sprints to sea swims and tidal pool/freshwater. Now training for IMUK I’m looking for a set of goggles that are going to be comfortable over a long distance and preferably some that aren’t going to be easily removed by someone’s foot.
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Hammer Nutrition Review
TriTalk’s were looking for people to review a selection of products from Hammer Nutrition. Having committed to my first Ironman this year I was only too keen to trial products that may help with my training and race day nutrition. Hammer Nutrition have over 20 years experience of supplying endurance fuels and supplements to the US market and these products have now been introduced to the UK so the aim of the review was to assess the Hammer products against those I currently use in terms of efficiency and performance, though not forgetting taste.
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2XU Lite Membrane Jacket 2XU Human Performance Multiplied - The Theory
2XU engineer products with the single minded goal of best equipping the athlete, so they feel more prepared, more race ready, more capable than their competition. As they put on the technology advanced garments, they also put on a desire, to be more than they ever have been, to perform beyond expectation. 2XU have teamed up with TriTalk to give you TriTalkers the opportunity to try a selection of their products over the next year. Keep your eyes peeled on this spot for the latest review. Just added Lite Membrane Jacket
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Triathlon Tecniques in Action
2XU Product Testing Archive
Image 2XU Gloves
Image 2XU Lite Membrane Jacket
Swimming - Techniques in Action
DVD Review - Swimming Techniques in Action - Alan Lynn
By Richard Coleman
Overall a very good DVD, very informative and some excellent demonstrations from Alan's swimmers. Intially I was confused as to who exactly this DVD was aimed at, my opinion now is that it's aimed at club swimmers and their coaches. However, if that is the case then why does the introduction concern itself with explaining lane ropes, swimming costumes, goggles etc. ? Basics that raise a chuckle but actually only serve to devalue this excellent DVD.
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Triathlon Tecniques in Action
DVD Review - Triathlon Techniques in Action - Steve Trew
By Josie Perry
This DVD could almost be made by Ronseal: it does what it says on the tin. Running through swimming, cycling, running and core work, Steve Trew uses age-group athletes to illustrate the techniques he believes are key for triathlon. Knowing where to aim a DVD like this must be difficult; complete beginners or experienced age-groupers? Trew seems to have gone for the middle ground: those who’ve done a few races and are now looking at how to improve. More experienced racers however would still pick up a few tips and renew some focus on some good technique sessions to try out.
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Stinger Ceepo Bikes
Japanese top triathlon bike brand Ceepo will be launching a range of triathlon specific bikes at TCR next February on the Sigma /2XU stand. All the Ceepo bikes are designed and manufactured by triathletes for triathletes. The ethos of the company is to design superior frames that are both aerodynamic and yet comfortable to ride. As to be expected the seat angle is an aggressive 77 degrees, which keeps the hip angle open to allow more powerful pedalling while in an aero race position. The extremely narrow tear drop tubing and seat pillar combine with the closed rear wheel arch to reduce drag to a minimum and maximize aerodynamics for both long and short course triathletes alike. The down tube is only 26mm in width while the seat and chain stay measures just 12mm !!
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Review of Lewiskit T4 Softshell Jacket
By: Cobbie
Lewiskit asked me to review their new £70 T4 softshell jacket at the end of November and I’ve been wearing it for the last month, enough I think to review, though I had intended to test it in rainy conditions which have not materialised. It’s advertised as a jacket with a windproof , water repellent outer layer (“WindshieldTM”) bonded to soft, warm fleece; suitable for biking, running or relaxing. My first impression was that it would also be ideal for walking and rock climbing with it’s shaped fit and flexibility in the shoulder area…but I’m getting ahead of myself.
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LewisKit Merino Wool Socks
By: LittleFatWelshman
I have just completed a significant order on behalf of my club for some awesome chunky throw and hoodies from the Lewis Bod's. Well low and behold amongst the order was a pair of the new socks that they have been going on about. Now I am not one to get too excited about some socks - surely a sock is sock, BUT...... On this occasion I am going to get all weepy.

The flippin things are brilliant. Not just because they were free (I hope it wasn't an oversight on Lewis's part and they will want them back) but they really are a lovely fit. They even have a less dense part around the bend in your foot - dont know (or care) what the technical name for this part of the foot is. I am wearing them now and my tootsies (sorry if this is too techy) are toastie.

As it is traditional (fact) for blokes to have socks for Christmas, I want these. So I am going to hint strongly to my missus that instead of the usual 3 pack from M and S I want these little babies. End of commercial - only thing left to say is that if Messrs Lewis want some other stuff tested and technically commented on - well you have my address.....
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Vasa Ergometer Test
How well did it do !
Results are now online! Well done to Nick S and Helen for posting the fastest times. We will post the full review of the ergometer in the next week.

Results of the test

Independent Gear Testing
Get your product tested!

Products currently being tested - iSMARTtrain 2.0


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