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The Mental Edge
The Mental Edge- by Miranda Banks
The greatest predictor of athletic success is the perception of being prepared.  That ‘s why a strong pre-competition routine which encompasses training for mind and body is vital for success in competition – if you feel fully prepared then you’re likely to perform at your best.
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Buying a Wetsuit
All wetsuits are a trade off between flexibility and buoyancy. The more buoyant the wetsuit, the less flexible it is. The reverse is also true the more flexibility you have the less buoyancy there is. Unfortunately a triathlete needs both buoyancy and flexibility.
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Tri Wiki Version 2
TriTalk has just launched it's revamped TriWiki version 2. For those unfamiliar with wikis a wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add and edit content and is especially suited for collaborative writing. As such there are training articles on the wiki written by site userswhich may be found by searching the wiki.
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Nutrition For The Triathlon: Putting it into practice
By Fuel Triathlon
The first of a series of articles on nutrition for TriTalk by Fuel Triathlon.
Nutrition is often seen as a complicated and confusing subject, but with a little knowledge this is an area of your training that can increase your performance and help keep your season injury free.
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SwimSmooth Column
By SwimSmooth
It often appears that there is much literature in the swimming world about how to go about increasing your stroke length in the pool (i.e. reducing number of strokes per length), though very little attention is seemingly placed upon how a swimmer or triathlete could stand to improve their times by increasing arm turn-over / stroke rate. Admittedly, most swimmers will stand to make the biggest improvements by working to eliminate drag and lengthen their stroke, but does there come a point when one reaches a “plateau” or optimal stroke count, whereby we must then consider lifting stroke rate, but making an effort to maintain that refined stroke length?
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Find a Coach
Online coach listings

This is the place to find your new coach, whether it be on- or off-line. Just added Hahn-Training-System™.
Find a Training Camp
Online training camp listings

This is the place to find all your online training camps, whether it be a week in Sardinia or a local swimming camp. Just added Tri Camp Mallorca
Training Camps
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Get your services seen by triathletes in the UK!

Do you serve the UK triathlon community, would you like UK triathletes to know about it? Then list your services here. Listings and additional information pages are available for coaches, training camps and sports related clinics. If you are interested in listing your service or another of TriTalks services please follow the link below.
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