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TriPlayer is the video sharing website from TriTalk.co.uk.

TriPlayer offers significant advantages such as the ability to embed video directly into the TriTalk forums and blogs as well as other websites. It also offers significantly higher quality video than that available at YouTube by utilising the latest codecs during video encoding. You must be logged into the site to upload videos or to write video comments.

There are few restrictions to the service with an upper limit of 1Gb and no restriction in video length (YouTube restricts to 10 minutes of video). Any embed links taken from the site must not be edited.

Users may upload via two methods, a standard html form that will handle uploads of up to 100Mb and for larger files a Java applet (uploads of up to 1Gb).

When you submit a video it takes a short while the video is encoded. During this time your video will not appear on the TriPlayer section of the site but will appear in the ‘My Videos’ section of the website. Once the video has been encoded it will be available for you to embed and be available for public viewing.


Though TriPlayer allows uploads of up to 1Gb it is possible that your source file is larger than this. In order to upload this video you will need to convert it. There are numerous pieces of software available to achieve this. Remember that although TriPlayer encodes at a high quality the video is ultimately dependant on the quality of the uploaded video. It should be possible through correct encoding to deliver a full length DVD production well within the 1Gb limit.

There are a lot of converters available either use Google or one of the utilities below:
Windows Media Encoder (free)
Flash Media Encoder
Flix On2

Embedding Entries

It is possible to embed videos into forum posts and blogs using the embed code found on each video page. The videos may also be embedded on personal website as long as the embed code is unaltered.

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